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Walk With Jesus

English Christian Songs Lyrics

1. Let me walk alone with Thee,
Thro’ the vale and o’er the height,
Thro’ the dark and in the light Evermore;
Whom love I on earth but Thee?
Whom have I in heav’n but Thee?
There is none, oh Lord, but Thee, only Thee.


Evermore, evermore,
Walking close to Jesus ever, Evermore
Singing when the way is clear,
Praising when the path is drear,
Praying when temptation’s near, Evermore

2. Jesus came to earth for me,
Walked the humble path for me,
Suffered pain and agony on the cross;
Rose victorious over foes,
Sits at God’s right hand on high,
Mediates to bring me nigh- Great High Priest!

3. Lord, help me to walk in, love
Gentle, pure and like a dove,
Humble, faithful, ever true in this world:
Blameless, holy, spotless be,
Sacrificing self for Thee,
Separate from sinners be, unto Thee

4. Then one day I’ll see Thy face,
When on earth I’ve run my race,
With the saints I’ll shout Thy praise Evermore;
Playing on the golden harps,
Clothed in radiant bridal garbs,
I shall reign with Christ my Lord, Evermore.

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