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I’ve Seen The Face of Jesus

1. I’ve seen the face of Jesus,—
He smiled in love on me;
It filled my heart with rapture,
My soul with ecstasy,
The scars of deepest anguish,
Were lost in glory bright;
I’ve seen the face of Jesus,—
It was a wondrous sight!


Oh! glorious face of beauty,
Oh! gentle touch of care;
If here it is so blessed,
What will it be up there?

2. And since I’ve seen His beauty
All else I count but loss;
The world, its fame and pleasure,
Is now to me but dross.
His light dispelled my darkness,
His smile was oh, so sweet!
I’ve seen the face of Jesus,—
I can but kiss His feet.

3. I’ve heard the voice of Jesus,—
He told me of His love,
And called me His own treasure,
His undefiled, His dove.
It came like softest music
Across an ocean calm,
And seemed to play so sweetly
Some wondrous holy psalm.

4. I felt the hand of Jesus,—
My brow it throbbed with care,—
He placed it there so softly,
And whispered, “Do not fear.”
Like clouds before the sunshine,
My cares have rolled away;
I’m sitting in His presence,—
It is a cloudless day.

5. I know He’s coming shortly
To take us all above;
We’ll sing redemption’s story,
The story of His love;
We’ll hear His voice of music,
We’ll feel His hand of care;
He’ll never rest, He says so,
Until He has us there.
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