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Promise of The Father

1. They were gathered in an upper chamber,
As commanded by the risen Lord,
And the promise of the Father
There they sought with one accord,
When the Holy Ghost from heav’n descended
Like a rushing wind and tongues of fire;
So, dear Lord, we seek Thy blessing,
Come with glory now our hearts inspire.


Let the fire fall, let the fire fall,
Let the fire from heaven fall……..
We are waiting and expecting,
Now in faith dear Lord, we call…….
Let the fire fall, let the fire fall,
On Thy promise we depend;
From the glory of Thy presence
Let the Pentecostal fire descend.

2. As Elijah we would raise the altar
For our testimony clear and true,
Christ the saviour, loving Healer,
Coming Lord, Baptizer too,
Ever-flowing grace and full salvation
For a ruined race Thy love has planned;
For this blessed revelation,
For Thy written word we dare to stand.

3. Tis the covenanted promise given,
To as many as the Lord shall call,
To the Fathers and their children,
To Thy people, one and all :
So rejoicing in Thy Word unfailing
We draw nigh in faith Thy power to knowCome,
O come, Thou burning Spirit,
Set our hearts with heav’nly fire aglow.

4. With a living coal from off Thy altar,
Touch our lips to swell Thy wondrous praise,
To extol Thee, bless, adore Thee,
And our songs of worship raise;
Let the cloud of glory now descending,
Fill our hearts with holy ecstasy,
Come in all Thy glorious fulness,
Blessed Holy Spirit, have Thy way.
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