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Step by Step With Jesus

1. Called to separation
With the crucified;
Temples of the Spirit,
Saved and sanctified,
Set apart for service,
By God’s hand ordained,
We the cross have taken,
By His love constrained


Step by step with Jesus,
All along life’s way,
Now the cross and conflict,
Then the perfect day.

2. Christ the veil has entered,
With the blood He shed,
Sin’s great debt is cancelled,
Love’s own feast is spread;
Now in Christ we’re chosen
Kings off rings bringing,
His own blood our plea.

3. Like boundless a ocean
Ever rolling in,
Comes this flood of blessing,
Seeking lives to win;
Who such love can fathom,
From God’s heart which flows,
Or such grace e’er measure,
Which His hand bestows?

4. Pressing onward, upward,
Life grows pure and strong,
‘Tis the vision splendid
Saves from all that’s wrong;
In the steps of Jesus,
We would plant our own,
Blessed path of triumph,
Leading to the throne.
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