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Faith to the End

Faith to the End
One of the last letters Paul wrote to Timothy. Thimothy had become the leader of one of the early churches. Paul thought of Timothy like a son. His letters to him would always be filled with advice and encouragement as Paul did not want Timothy to get discouraged when the hard times came.
Paul Knew that his time to leave the world was drawing close. He had many peoples was drawing close. He had many people working against him and even when he had gone for his first defence hearing, his promised witnesses had not turned up.
“Never give up hope and always be careful to choose the right path. Our life’s purpose should be proclaimining the Lord’s words. Be brave under trial,” he wrote.
“As for me,” he continued,” I have lived my life and am satisfied. I have fought the fight till the very end and compleated the race. I have kept my faith. The time has came for me. I am certain that the good Lord would come and take me to the heavens above in his Kingdom. May his glory be forever and ever. Amen”

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