Adoration - Christking


1.He keeps me daily from all care –
He keeps me ever true,
Ever, ever,
He keeps me ever true.


I never will doubt my Lord any more
I never will doubt His love ;
Never, never,
I never will doubt His love.

2.He give me all I ask and think –
He every need supplies ;
Every, every,
He every need supplies.

3.He cast my sins behind His back –
He all my sins, forgave ;
All sins, all sins,
He all my sins, forgave.

4.He gives me power to hate all sin --
He gives me power all day ;
Power, power,
He gives me power all day.

5.What a wondrous God I have –
What a wondrous love ;
Wonder, wonder,
What a wondrous love !
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