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A Roman Soldier

A Roman Soldier
Many times, Paul would give examples from daily life to explain to his fellow Christians in a better way. Once when he wrote to the church of Ephesus about groewing strong in the Lord, he gave the example of the Roman soldiers.
He wrote that one aften saw a Roman soldier dressed in his armour and helmet, carrying a short sward, a shield or both. Whenever the Romans conquered any place, they brought law and order and peace to it. The Roman soldiers healped to maintain that peace and order.
Paul explained that we must be like those highly disciplined and trained soldiers. We sould put on God’s armour to protect ourselves from enemy attacks. We must stand our ground with truth as a waist belt and honesty as our breastplate. Our shoes must represent our willingness to spread the divine mesages and we must always carry the shield of faith to protect ourselves from the arrows of the evil one. The helmet is the salvation of God and the sword, a gift of the word of God from the Holy Spirit. He concluded saying that we must always pray for the things we need.

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